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Money-Saving Fast Food and Restaurants Tips

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We all know that fast food isn’t the healthiest meal option out there. However, sometimes you have to sacrifice a few points on your cholesterol scale for the sake of convenience. 

The downside of eating at fast-food restaurants is the damage to your wallet, especially if you’re not the only one who wants a $10 Chipotle burrito. Larger families probably experience similar costs to eating at a sit-down restaurant, but there aren’t any tasty appetizers included. Read on to find money-saving fast-food tips everyone will love! 


Now, occasionally I will still have that quarter pounder because I love fast food, but you have to keep it to a minimum.”

Aretha Franklin, Musician

Buy Discounted Certificates and Gift Cards

One of my Favorite money-saving fast-food tip is to take advantage of sites selling discounted certificates and gifts cards, my favorite are Groupon, Raise and Gift Card Granny.  One of Groupon’s perks is that you can choose the area you may be traveling to, so you can find deals wherever you go.  

Treat Yourself on Your Birthday

One of my favorites way to treat myself on my birthday are with freebies! One way I do that is by raking in all the Birthday Freebies that come my way. Most restaurants apps and email rewards programs send you credit for complimentary menu items. So wake up early, and treat yourself! Just be sure to complete your profile !

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Sign Up for Emails 

Who wants their email accounts to be bombarded with promotional messages every day. Still, many fast-food restaurant reward programs have fantastic deals when you sign up for their email lists. For example, Applebees gives you a free appetizer when you buy an appetizer just for signing up, Texas Roadhouse New VIP Club members will receive a special welcome gift within 48 hours after signing up.

A nice thing about most promotional email programs is that you can easily unsubscribe or choose how often you want to get emails with one click. However, I recommend sticking with them if you enjoy eating at those places regularly. Most fast-food restaurants also send deals for free food on your birthday, Free meals for kids and events.

Better a la Carte 

While your favorite fast-food value meals might seem like they’re saving you money, this isn’t often the case, especially if you’re dining in. 

For example, most value meals come with a medium soda. You can order a single small soda instead and take advantage of the free refills, another way I save money is ordering from the dollar menu some of my son items and we get free fries from the app. You can also drink water and avoid those sugary calories altogether from soda. 

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Sign Up for Those Reward Programs

Many places give you exclusive deals you can only get on their app, like Dairy Queen and McDonald’s. Earn FREE large fries from McDonald’s when you sign up and your choice of several more freebies after your first in-app purchase later. Other popular restaurant apps that help you score free food are:

Buy Discounted Gift Cards at Your Favorite Club 

Another great money-saving fast-food tip is to take advantage of discounted gifts card sold at your favorite club, my favorite place is Costco or Sam’s Club where I can find amazing deals on Restaurants gift cards, perfect for special events or big families ! Go head to your Club and look for those good restaurants gift cards deals ! 

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