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How To Get Bath & Body Works Coupons For FREE Products

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If you’re asking yourself  “How do I get those coupons for FREE products from Bath & Body Works?” If you’re like me, you already love the amazing deals Bath & Body Works offers and the amazing scents they offer with their products, but making your skin glow or getting fresh scents for your home and body for FREE is always way better.

Bath & Body Works mails out coupons for FREE items, that’s right. Just sign up for their mailing list and you’re on your way to getting more discounts and even FREE products. However, figuring out how to start getting those precious freebies can seem impossible. I’m going to show you two very simple ways to get on the mailing list. Your only problem afterwards will be deciding which great scent you want to use your freebie coupon on when it arrives.

How to get on the Bath & Body Works Mailing List:

There are actually TWO simple ways to get on the Bath & Body Works Mailing List to start getting your coupons and freebies.

Sign Up In Store:

Next time you’re in store, you can easily sign up just by going to the check out. They will ask you for your email, but you can also request for them to take your mailing address to be put on the mailing list for more bath & body works coupons and freebies.

Afterwards, you should start receiving coupons for their next promotion or sale, approximately 4-6 weeks later.

Sign Up Online:

This way is much faster and can save you on gas, but can be complicated if you don’t know where to look. I have a complete breakdown below for you, with screenshots!

  1. Step one submit a request here. 

2. In the drop down, pick ‘Email Address Update’ and update or add address.

3. Fill in your contact information.

4. For “Request Type” select the drop-down “Add”. This is another important step! If you don’t select the right option, they can’t route your request to the right place and it may take you even longer to get on the mailing list.

5. Double check your information. Last thing you want is putting in even just one number wrong without realizing it and not getting added to the mailing list.

6. Sign up with your kids or significant others name too. That’s a bonus coupon every promotion!

In about a month you’ll be on your way to your first Bath & Body Works freebie Coupons!

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